Balkan Update

October 23, 1993

Rebel Muslim leader Fikret Abdic, who controls the BIHAC patch of northwest Bosnia in defiance of the Muslim-led government in Sarajevo, signed a peace agreement with Bosnian Serbs. Thursday he reached one with Bosnian Croats. Political sources said the agreements were unlikely to have much practical effect.

A U.N. aid convoy with 75 tons of food and medicine arrived in MAGLAJ, bringing the beleaguered Muslim town its first overland aid supplies since June 1.

The U.N. Protection Force accused Muslim troops of firing at U.N. engineers trying to restore electricity to SARAJEVO. The city has been without electricity for nearly two weeks since the main transmission line was damaged again in fighting.

The International Red Cross suspended efforts to exchange hundreds of Bosnian Muslim and Croat prisoners of war because fighters on both sides refused to guarantee the safety of the swap. But talks were going ahead on exchanging Serb and Muslim prisoners.

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