Flaherty finds Baugher's 20K good training for Marine Corps Marathon


October 19, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

There's good reason for the timing of the Westminster Road Runners Club's Baugher's 10K/20K.

For starters, the races are held at the height of pumpkin and apple picking and Baugher's Orchard, the 1,200-acre Carroll County farm from which the 10 and 20Ks begin and finish, have enough of both to accommodate a field as large as the New York City Marathon.

For another reason, the races are held a week before the Marine Corps Marathon.

Says the club's Dave Herlocker: "One of the reasons we put the 20K in was that anyone doing Marine Corps could use it as a workout."

True to form, Sunday's race fit in nicely with Baugher's 20K winner Mike Flaherty's plans.

First, Flaherty, a resident of Lancaster, Pa., likes the area.

"My mom and brother live in Hanover [Pa.]," said Flaherty, 37. "My sister lives in Westminster. I have a lot of connections in the area."

Secondly, the run seemed to be tailored to his racing plans.

"I ran a race like this before the Philadelphia Half-Marathon and had my best time there," he said. "In fact, it [South Penn 15K] was the first race I've won."

Now, make that two. If the Baugher's 20K is any indication, Flaherty, who finished first in 1 hour, 16 minutes, 25 seconds, is headed for a good Marine Corps run.

"He ran two 38-minute 10Ks. That's pretty good for this course," Herlocker said about the out-and-back course, which is repeated for the 20K. "It's not particularly fast. The first mile-and-a-half is on a lot of farm roads."

Said Flaherty: "It sure is pretty. I don't care much about running the same course twice, though."

But a strong Marine Corps performance will make the monotony worth his while.

"I ran Marine Corps last year and I did lousy," Flaherty said about his 2:57:55 finish.

When asked about his personal record for the distance, he said with a smile: "I'll let you know next week."

The top finishers:


Males: 1. Mike Flaherty, 37, 1:16:25; 2. George Cummings, 34, 1:18:50; 3. Tom Smith, 45, 1:20:21; 4. Michael Ferrante, 33, 1:20:52; 5. Bob McCubbin, 33, 1:22:21. Masters: 1. Smith.

Females: 1. Lisa Conyers, 30, 1:51:44.


Males: 1. Larry Pickett, 32, 35:42; 2. Mike Knoll, 23, 36:17; 3. Bob Hugg, 40, 36:27; 4. Gary Honeman, 38, 40:04; 5. Skip Fennell, 49, 44:18. Masters: 1. Hugg.

Females: 1. Shannon Hugg, 17, 50:20; 2. Judi Bullock, 47, 51:56; 3. Cristine Meadows, 22, 52:52. Masters: 1. Bullock.


Saturday's St. Paul's Gator Run 5K and 10K at Brooklandville has been canceled. . . . The Baltimore Road Runners Club's general meeting Thursday will be followed by a running symposium, featuring Mike Stahr, Stacey Nicholson and Bryan Pownall. The symposium is open to the public and will be held at Kelly Hall at Goucher College, beginning at 8 p.m. Stahr has a 3:54 personal record in the mile and will speak on components of the four-minute mile. Club runners Nicholson and Pownall will speak on the "distance perspective." For information, call Jeff Sanborn at (410) 581-7953.

Add the names of Ken Fowler and John Reich to the elite group of runners working out at Meade High School on Wednesday nights. . . . There were 312 finishers in Saturday's Marriott Hunt Valley Inn 5K. . . . There will be a drawing for seven $25 gift certificates, courtesy of the Hess Running Center, Sports and Bacharach Rasin Sporting Goods, at the Maryland Masters Track Club's fourth annual Fall Classic 1.5- and 3-mile cross country races on Nov. 27 at 9:30 a.m. at Catonsville High School. For information, call Joe Hemler at (410) 744-2652. . . . First-place winners in six categories will receive turkeys at the Anne Arundel Community College Turkey Trot 5K on Nov. 23 at 11:30 a.m. at the college. For information, call (410) 541-2756. . . . The weekend's top finishers:


Marriott Hunt Valley Inn 5K

At Hunt Valley

Males: 1. Brad Uhlfelder, 14:57; 2. Dave Berardi, 15:02; 3. Doug Mock, 15:08; 4. Greg Cauler, 15:11; 5. Chris Chattin, 15:23; 6. Gary Sullivan, 15:41; 7. Harry Goodman, 15:42; 8. Douglas Field, 15:43; 9. Nathan Boyer, 15:47; 10. James Garrett, 15:49. Masters: 1. Anthony Grier, 16:23.

Females: 1. Maria Pazarentzos, 17:15; 2. Charlotte Thomas, 17:25; 3. Dolly Ginter, 17:38; 4. Stacey Nicholson, 17:51; 5. Bea Marie Fritsch, 18:04; 6. Pat Keeney-Ryan, 18:14; 7. Maureen Hall, 18:29; 8. Mary Lou Dinardo, 18:37; 9. Dianna Miller, 18:57; 10. Heather Parsons, 18:59. Masters: 1. Parsons.


BRRC Mini, Mini Marathon 5K

At Goucher College

Males: 1. Neville Anderson, 31, 15:32; 2. Lonnie Richmond, 45, 17:54; 3. Tony Pridgen, 33, 18:20.

Females: 1. Jennifer Bush, 17, 22:21; 2. Judy Gilbert, 50, 24:20; 3. Chris Houle, 14, 24:46.

RASAC Deer Creek 10K

At Rocks

Males: 1. Bucky Sexton, 36:47; 2. Jeff Hinte, 39:36; 3. Lance Woodward, 41:07; 4. Phil Anderson, 41:56; 5. Dave Starnes, 43:46.

Females: 1. Margaret Starnes, 40:04; 2. Tracey Lawler, 43:27.

Piney Orchard "A Day at the Races" 8K run

At Odenton

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