Balkan Update

October 17, 1993

Serbs unleashed the heaviest artillery attack in weeks on SARAJEVO, and U.N. military officials detected unusual Serb tank and troop maneuvers on high ground around the capital.

Relief officials --ed hopes that aid convoys could reach some 150,000 Muslims trapped in two northern cities. They said the relief trucks would set out for MAGLAJ and TESANJ by mid-week instead.

A private convoy of 86 vehicles was attempting a dangerous crossing of central Bosnia to the Muslim enclave of TUZLA. The convoy, said to be 80 percent Muslim and 20 percent Croat, reportedly had a safe-passage guarantee from Croatian authorities.

The Bosnian government army said it retook the town of CAZIN in the breakaway Muslim enclave of Bihac after rebel Muslims captured it without a fight on Friday. The Bosnian government radio report could not be confirmed independently.

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