WHEN you spot some cheesy jag or demoto acting hane, don't...


October 08, 1993

WHEN you spot some cheesy jag or demoto acting hane, don't you wish he would just blaze? Don't you feel the same about some lamo who won't give his peeps their props?

More important, wouldn't you like to know what the heck those last two sentences were all about?

If you didn't -- and we apologize if you did -- then you're probably not tuned in to the latest slang of preppies and hip-hoppers. The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel listed and defined some of these terms in a recent series of articles, for which those of us on the lamo end of things can only express our appreciation.

Some slang from the prep world:

Blaze: To leave -- as in, "Let's blaze."

Cheesy: Tacky.

Demoto: Someone who is not motivated, not doing well in school.

Hane: Heinous, or gross.

Hoochie: Good-looking girl with a great body.

Hotty: A good-looking guy with a great body.

Jag: A loner, a nerd.

Knockin' boots: Making love.

Moto: Someone who is motivated and doing well in school.

To rack: To sleep.

Random: Completely off the wall.

Shine: To make fun of someone, to disrespect.

Stylin': Someone who dresses well.

Sweet hookup: A good deal.

Toss chow: To eat quickly.

And some hip-hop speak:

Chopped: Physically unattractive or obnoxious.

Dibs: Residence.

Diesel: A guy with a great body.

Dope: Something good.

Duggy: Stylishly dressed.

Easin', lampin': Relaxing.

Five-O: Police officers.

Frontin': Lying.

Grip: Money.

Honey dip: Good-looking woman.

Hoopty: Car.

J.O.: Job.

Joints: Any popular brand of sneakers.

Juice: Power, influence, respect.

Lamo: Weird person.

Mackin': Well dressed.

Mom Duke, Old Girl: Mother.

My peeps: My parents.

Pop Duke, Old Boy: Father.

Props: Respect.

Shoot the gift: Have a conversation.

System: Loud car audio system.

Thick, straight: Good.

Think it ain't: I agree with you.

Word up: The truth.

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