The Orioles' New Owners

October 05, 1993|By Mark Hyman, Milton Kent, Don Markus and Peter Schmuck


Age: 63

Residence: Baltimore

Occupation: Attorney.

Why he's involved: He's a keen supporter of local ownership, and began thinking seriously about buying the Orioles when Eli S. Jacobs' financial problems became public last year. Early partners in the bid were novelist Tom Clancy and local contractor Henry J. Knott Sr.

Baseball goals: "In any given year, you can't set out and say you're going to win the championship. You've got to be realistic. But winning that title is always the goal."

Investment goals: "Profit margins are secondary. The fans should be satisfied that they have a strong and vibrant organization pursuing a team that is absolutely and totally capable of reaching the top."

Favorite baseball memory: "Glorious All-Star Week. First it was the party at the Inner Harbor, followed by the wonderful game at our new ballpark. We were the talk of the country."

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