Violent crime rose 10% from Jan.-June 1992

October 01, 1993|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff Writer

Violent crime in the county rose 10 percent during the first half of the year, with aggravated assaults and homicides leading the way, according to statistics released by the county police yesterday.

Nine homicides were recorded from January to June this year, compared with seven during the same period last year.

The number of aggravated assaults also has risen, from 449 to 521.

Most of the homicides and many of the assaults are of a domestic nature, and it is difficult for police officials to say why the number fluctuates.

"We are very fortunate in this county, being located between Baltimore and Washington, that we don't have more" homicides, department spokesman Sgt. Mark Howes said.

The number of reported rapes also increased, from 56 to 54 in the first half of the year.

"There is a lot more public awareness and victims are more willing to come forward," Sergeant Howes said. "There used to be a lot of resistance to coming forward."

While the number of some violent crimes has risen, robberies in the county decreased from 201 to 198, the statistics show.

Burglaries, in the category of property crime, are also down 7.9 percent, from 1,655 during the first half of last year to 1,525 in the same period this year.

The number of cars stolen in the county during the first half of this year declined to 711 from 881 last year.

"We do have an aggressive auto squad and we have put a lot into our enforcement," Sergeant Howes said, "and perhaps that has had some residual effects."

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