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C. H.

October 01, 1993

C. H. Greenewalt

DuPont president

NEWARK, Del. -- Crawford H. Greenewalt, 91, who led the DuPont Co. into the atomic age as technical director of the plant where the first atomic bomb was built, died Monday of a cerebral hemorrhage at Christiana Hospital here.

A memorial service was conducted yesterday for Mr. Greenewalt, who was DuPont's president from 1948 to 1962. He was DuPont's technical director during the building of the first plutonium plant in Hanford, Wash., as part of the federal government's Manhattan Project.

"I remember one time at the end of a hard day, he said, 'We're either going to be the greatest heroes of the century or the greatest villains,' " said Walter O. Simon, manager of the Hanford plant from 1943 to 1945.

Mr. Greenewalt served as the liaison between the scientists and the builders and helped keep the project on track, said Mr. Simon, who lives in Wilmington. Mr. Greenewalt also was the company's president when DuPont designed, built and operated nuclear weapons facility for the federal government on a 200,000-acres site in South Carolina near the Georgia border.

David E. Halvorsen, 60, former editor in chief of the AlamedNewspaper Group and editor of the San Francisco Examiner, died at his home Wednesday. He was diagnosed five months ago with an inoperable brain tumor. Daughter Jeanne Martin-Vegue, 38, died Tuesday after a long illness.

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