Major Transportation Projects

September 30, 1993|By Baltimore Region Long-Range Transportation Plan, Baltimore Metropolitan Council

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY * Widen Route 3 to six lanes from Route 32 to Prince George's County line; $174.3 million.* Widen Route 2 to six lanes from Route 10 to U.S. 50; $107.7 million.

* Extend Central Light Rail Line from Dorsey Road to Marley Station; $84 million.

* Upgrade Route 32 from B-W Pkwy. to east of Route 198, with new interchanges at the parkway, National Security Administration access road and Route 198; $68 million.

* Widen Route 175 to four lanes from B-W Pkwy. to Route 174; $39.1 million.

* Widen Route 170 from Route 32 to Route 100 from two to four lanes; $32.3 million.

* Widen Interstate 195 from four to six lanes from B-W Parkway to Baltimore-Washington International Airport; $25.2 million.

BALTIMORE CITY * Add track to Central Light Rail Line so north/south trains do not share track (affects Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties); $40 million.

* I-895 interchange at Potee St./Patapsco Ave.; $14.2 million.

* I-95 interchange at Washington Blvd. (north); $7.1 million.

BALTIMORE COUNTY * Widen Beltway to eight lanes on north and southwest sides; $452.4 million.

* Construct light rail from Lexington Market Metro station to Social Security vicinity (also affects Baltimore); $347 million.

* Build light rail line from Metro station at Johns Hopkins Hospital to White Marsh via Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. right of way (also affects Baltimore); $320 million.

* Extend light rail to Towsontown Center; $98 million.* Upgrade U.S. 1 from Pinedale Drive to Harford County line from four to six lanes; $50.4 million.

* Widen Perry Hall Boulevard to four lanes from Rossville Boulevard to Silver Spring Road; $26.8 million.

CARROLL COUNTY * Construct 4-lane Westminster Bypass (relocated Route 140) from Hughes Shop to Reese Road; $209.3 million.

* Construct 2-lane Hampstead Bypass from Route 30 at Wolf Hill Drive to Route 30 north of town; $32.8 million.

* Construct 2-lane Manchester Bypass from Route 30 at Cape Horn Road to Route 30 north of Lineboro Road; $15.3 million.


* Widen Route 152 from Route 147 to Edgewood Arsenal from two to four lanes; $82.7 million.

* Widen U.S. 1 from four to six lanes from Baltimore County line to Route 152 and widen U.S. 1 bypass from Route 147 to U.S. 1 Business; $59.7 million.

* Create new U.S. 1 two-lane bypass of Hickory; $30.3 million.


* Widen U.S. 29 to eight lanes from Interstate 70 to Route 103 and to six lanes from Route 103 to Montgomery County line; $174.4 million.

* Widen Route 108 to four lanes from Homewood to Guilford roads, to four lanes from Route 175 to Route 100; $64.5 million.

* Widen Route 32 to Anne Arundel line; $64.1 million.

* Widen U.S. 1 from Ducketts Lane to Route 32; $57.4 million.

* Upgrade U.S. 29 to freeway standards with two new inter- changes at Gorman Road/Johns Hopkins Road and Route 216; $52 million.

* Extend Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC) service from Jessup to Gateway Industrial Park vicinity on existing freight line; $38 million.

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