Teachers tell chamber of new curriculum review 'Exit outcomes' detailed at meeting

September 29, 1993|By Staff Report

Members of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce were introduced to "exit outcome" education yesterday when four local teachers presented the results of a summer workshop at the group's monthly breakfast meeting.

"This is a presentation done by the teachers, not written up by the Board of Education for us to give to the public," said Tom Hill, a physical education teacher at Westminster's West Middle School.

The teachers told chamber members they examined each course in the county curriculum to determine how it met the seven so-called exit outcomes. Objectives -- for example, being able to define and use such geometry terms as postulate and the orem -- were determined for each class.

"This gave teachers a better idea where we were headed," said South Carroll High math teacher Jim Peretti. "We felt we were bridging the gap between the exit outcomes, which are very broad, to what is taught in the classroom."

Westminster High English teacher Mary Kay Nevius-Maurer said, "Some of the things we've been doing all along are outcome-based education. I tell my students what they are going to do, how they are going to do it and how I'm going to assess that they've learned it."

Curriculum revisions also ensure that students across the county are receiving the same information, the teachers said.

"Think of it as E-mail," said John Lynam, a North Carroll High science teacher, referring to electronic messages sent over a computer network. "This is a way to make sure everybody gets the same message. . . ."

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