Balkan Update

September 29, 1993

Speaking at the UNITED NATIONS, Croatian President Franjo Tudjman insisted on the withdrawal of U.N. troops from his country unless their mandate was amended in the next 48 hours to provide for the restoration of Croatian rule over Serb-occupied areas.

The Bosnian cabinet accepted the international peace plan without conditions. The move came after an assembly of Muslim intellectuals in SARAJEVO endorsed the plan only if "territories seized by force" are returned. The Bosnian parliament was meeting to render a formal decision.

The Bosnian army in BIHAC denounced the area's proclaiming itself an autonomous province and pledged to remain loyal to the central authorities in Sarajevo.

Gen. Colin L. Powell, the Retiring Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff told a WASHINGTON audience the United States and NATO allies may be forced to quickly send troops to the former Yugoslavia to oversee an unsatisfactory peace before winter sets in.

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