Son of Melvin F. and Robin...


September 27, 1993

MELVIN R. SZYMANSKI, 13, son of Melvin F. and Robin Szymanski of Walston Road in Taylorsville.

School: Eighth-grader at Mount Airy Middle School.

Honored for: Completing a week of Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.

Melvin went to the five-day camp Sept. 5.

Goals: To become a jet fighter pilot for the Navy. He hopes to attend the Naval Academy.

Comments: "I went for the Aviation Challenge part. I learned how to fly a high-performance jet aircraft on simulators."

He loved the flight simulation, he said, and the way campers got to sleep in a "habitat" that looked like a spacecraft.

On the whole, he said, the experience has inspired him to improve his schoolwork so he can qualify for the Naval Academy. He gets A's and B's now.

L"I think it will encourage me to do a little better," he said.

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