Rennie Bullock, 17, of Crownsville, a senior at Old Mill...


September 27, 1993

Rennie Bullock, 17, of Crownsville, a senior at Old Mill High School

Accomplishments/Interests: Rennie has been a member of the Civil Air Patrol nearly four years and has risen to the rank of cadet major in the Arundel Squadron. As one of the highest-ranking cadets, she has earned both the Billy Mitchell and Amelia Earhart awards, given to cadets who meet a variety of requirements and successfully complete performance tests.

She is working on requirements to receive the Carl E. Spaatz Award, the CAP's highest honor.

In June, she took the written test to fly solo. While awaiting the results, she is continuing to accumulate flight hours.

At school, Rennie is the president of the Student Government Association and is on the executive board of the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils. She is a saxophonist with the concert band, marching band and jazz band, and participates in drama department activities.

Student's remarks: "I joined the CAP when they did some recruiting in my school. I'm more or less the cadet in charge of the other cadets in the Arundel Squadron.

"For the Billy Mitchell Award, you have to to pass the mile run, an aerospace test and a leadership test of 100 questions. For the Amelia Earhart Award, you have to do the mile run, a leadership test and know all CAP regulations.

"I've almost completed the requirements for the Carl E. Spaatz Award. If I worked real hard and pushed myself I could complete the requirements in about about six to eight months.

"I've learned the importance of team work, and have been a squadron commander in basic training camps offered by the CAP each summer.

"I'm mostly interested in the search-and-rescue aspect of the CAP and plan on going into the Coast Guard Academy and becoming a helicopter pilot.

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