Mount Airy man makes his mark Smith's season starts with 208


September 26, 1993|By DON VITEK

&TC Mike Smith has posted a couple of duckpin 200 games, but on the first session of the new season in the Tuesday Night Men's League at Mount Airy bowling center, he achieved a 208 game the hard way.

Smith, a Mount Airy resident who was born and raised in Carroll County, works for the general contracting firm of Mitchell, Best and Smith. He carries a 126 average in a single league.

Starting off with an average game, 126, Smith started putting marks on the sheet in the first frame of the second game.

"It wasn't until about the seventh or eighth frame that I realized that I had a mark in every frame," Smith said with a laugh.

"I finished with a 208 game, the best I've ever had."

He finished with a 141 game for a solid 475 series; that's just 13 pins under his career high set of 488.

"I guess that I was just relaxed because it was the first night of the league," Smith said. "Our team was handling the 50-50 drawing, and maybe that kept my mind off the game."

Smith was bowling the new two-frame format at Mount Airy Lanes but didn't feel that added or detract

from his big game.

"I guess it was really just a lucky night for me," he said. "Because the next week I dropped to a 375 set and the week following that I shot a 333 series."

But for one week, at least, Smith was a 158-average duckpin bowler.

Thumbs up for two frames

Kelly Naill was positive that the two-frame bowling at Mount Airy lanes helped her.

"There's no doubt in my mind that bowling two frames and then sitting down and then bowling two more frames is great for my game," she said. "I've been bowling about four years and I just had my very best night."

Naill, a Department of Social Services employee, lives in Mount Airy. The Silver Spring native carries a 108 average in a single league but "right now I'm subbing for my sister-in-law, Becky King, on Monday nights until her baby arrives in December."

It was in the second night of her regular league, the Wednesday Ladies, that Naill pounded out her career high game and set: a 183 individual game and a 432 series.

"The only difference in my game is the two-frame bowling," she said, "And it must really be helping me because the next week I shot a 392 series."

Concentrating really works

Mike McKenzie of Manchester, a 17-year-old senior at North Carroll High School, averaged 184 in the YABA tenpin league at Hampstead Bowling Center last season.

On the first day of the new season, last Saturday, McKenzie fired games of 228, 226 and 211 for an awesome 665 series.

"I was really concentrating," McKenzie said, "Trying to be more accurate and more consistent."

Cavey wins tournament

The Labor Day six-game scratch singles tournament at County Lanes drew 19 tenpin bowlers. Brian Cavey posted a 1,411 total to win the $600 first prize. Ray Atkinson was second with 1,403, and Jim Barnhart was third with 1,385.

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