Balkan Update

September 26, 1993

Bosnian Croat forces said they agreed on a cease-fire with the Muslim-led government army in the southwest city of MOSTAR. An end to fighting in Mostar would be a crucial step to sewing a peace agreement for Bosnia.

In central Bosnia, the government forces resumed an offensive on the Croat stronghold of VITEZ and its explosives factory. obbled by an international arms embargo, Bosnian government troops hope to capture the factory.

The United Nations said it had received reports that hundreds of Muslim men had been rounded up around Croat-held KISELJAK near SARAJEVO and sent to dig trenches on the front lines.

Casualties are rising among U.N. peacekeepers in Bosnia as the warring sides turn sniper, artillery and mortar fire against them, U.N. spokesman Bill Aikman said. "We have had wounded soldiers almost every day this week," he said.

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