Neall panel to evaluate status of fire service No firefighters are on committee

September 26, 1993

County Executive Robert R. Neall, a frequent target of criticism from volunteer firefighters, has appointed a citizens committee to look into the status of the county's fire service, particularly the roles of paid and volunteer firefighters.

The committee, which has no firefighters among its members, is to report back by the end of the year.

Its recommendations "will be extremely important as we chart the future course of the county's fire service," Mr. Neall said in a statement issued Friday. "I believe the objectivity of the members will result in a fair and thorough evaluation."

The members include Carl Bandoin, a retired wine salesman; Danny Fullerton, an insurance company vice president; Margaret Hood, a former member of the Anne Arundel Medical Center board of trustees; George T. Moran, owner of an insurance agency; Richard C. Rogers, a construction company president, and James T. Russell, a graphics company treasurer.

Other members include Dale Snyder, who runs a consulting business; Terry Steel, a professional mediator; and Raymond F. Turner, a professor of economics and business administration at Anne Arundel Community College.

The volunteers have criticized Mr. Neall and Fire Administrator Paul Haigley for demoting volunteer chiefs to captains under paid firefighters and for taking control of state grant money that the volunteers controlled previously.

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