Balkan Update

September 25, 1993

Bosnia's Muslim-led government army told Croat forces co-defending SARAJEVO to withdraw to barracks Friday or face unspecified consequences, a Croat military spokesman said. The Croats indicated they would not comply.

Despite intermittent heavy fighting in MOSTAR, a U.N. relief convoy reached the city and began unloading 92 tons of urgent supplies to both the Croat and Muslim populations. 25.

Some 516 sick or malnourished Muslims released from a detention camp run by Bosnian Croats southwest of Mostar were taken to the Croatian island of KORCULA for treatment.

In KNOKKE-HEIST, Belgium, the U.S. admiral expected to lead NATO peacekeepers in Bosnia appealed for clear guidelines and a strong force to enable him to do the job.

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