Around the house* Keep bedspread clean. When making bed...


September 25, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Keep bedspread clean. When making bed, pull up the spread halfway and fold it over on itself. The spread will be protected from daily wear and will still look neat.

* At least twice a year, vacuum pad and the floor beneath area rugs.

* Remove white spots on hardwood floors that have accumulated after waxing.

Pour liquid wax over stains, rub gently with fine steel wool, following the grain, then polish area with a clean cloth.

* Store cast-iron skillets -- without their lids -- between paper towels in a dry space. If lids are left on, moisture accumulates inside the pot, causing rusting and a musty odor.

* Place a dry sponge or several thicknesses of paper towels in the vegetable bin of your refrigerator to absorb excess moisture. Produce will stay fresh longer.

In the garden

* Scrub flowerpots and containers thoroughly before storing. Clean pots will discourage disease and insects that can affect plants. Save chards from broken pots. The pieces can be placed in the bottom of containers to provide adequate drainage for next years plants.

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