Thai contract reportedly set for Westinghouse $100 million job is for air defense

September 25, 1993|By Ted Shelsby | Ted Shelsby,Staff Writer

There was more good news yesterday for the local Westinghouse division and its workers. The head of the Thailand Air Force said the defense contractor would be awarded a $180 million contract for an air defense system.

Word of the Thai contract came the day after Westinghouse learned it had received three U.S. Air Force contracts totaling $252.5 million for work linked to its production of radar for the F-16 fighter plane.

Gun Pimarnthip, the Thai Air Force commander in chief, told the Thai newspaper The Nation that Westinghouse would be awarded the air defense pact after topping a bid by Hughes Aircraft Corp. in Los Angeles, Bloomberg News Service reported.

Despite the remarks from the Thai Air Force official, Westinghouse executives said the award had not been completed.

"We've heard that we have been selected, but a contract has not been signed," said Ann E. Grizzel, a spokeswoman for the Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in Linthicum.

Ms. Grizzel said the company has a team in Thailand completing the negotiations.

Contract negotiations were expected to be wrapped up by the end of next week, according to Bloomberg.

Ms. Grizzel said Westinghouse does not have details of the Thai contract, but said air defense systems usually include powerful radar equipment, computer display consoles, software and communications equipment.

The bulk of the work was expected to be done at the Electronic Systems complex adjacent to Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Mr. Grizzel said.

Earlier this year, Westinghouse received a $300 million order from the United Arab Emirates for a combined military air defense system and commercial air traffic control system.

In recent years, Westinghouse has also sold air defense systems to Jordan, Egypt and Morocco.

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