Glen Burnie

September 23, 1993

Son charged with theft after mother's tip

Tipped off by a mother who found several items in her son's bedroom and had no idea how they got there, police charged a 17-year-old youth with breaking into a Glen Burnie apartment Tuesday and stealing $900 worth of belongings, including a television set, VCR and a guitar.

The owner of the stolen property, Lee Coneway, 26, returned from work about 7 p.m. and found the items missing from his home in the first block of Mary Lane. Police said there was no sign of forced entry into the first-floor apartment.

Police also said the apartment was not ransacked, and it was damaged only where wires had been pulled from the back of the VCR.

Later that evening, police were called to another apartment in the complex by the youth's mother, who said she found a television set and VCR in her son's room.

The mother also found a pair of pliers and a long pry tool, police reported. Police said the VCR and television set belonged to Mr. Coneway.

As of yesterday, the 17-year-old suspect had not been arrested, but police had charged him in connection with the burglary.

Glen Burnie office robbed of TV and VCR

Someone broke into a Glen Burnie doctor's office Monday night or Tuesday morning and stole items worth $835, including a television set and a VCR.

The office manager discovered the break-in Tuesday morning at Dr. Ray Palmer's orthodontist office, in the 7400 block of Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.

Police said the thief broke into the office through a basement window and rummaged through file cabinets and drawers.

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