Conn. reportedly won't pursue abuse charges against Allen

September 23, 1993|By Newsday

Connecticut authorities have decided not to pursue child molestation charges against Woody Allen, closing another chapter in the explosive case that erupted more than a year ago, sources said.

Connecticut State Attorney Frank Maco would not discuss the case yesterday, but sources familiar with the investigation said Mr. Maco was concerned about the lack of witnesses to the alleged abuse of Mr. Allen's adopted daughter and the girl's credibility on the stand.

Mr. Allen, 58, had been accused of fondling Dylan, now 7, at the country house of his long-time lover, Mia Farrow, in August 1992.

But after a vicious custody hearing, a series of psychiatric evaluations of the child and a yearlong investigation, Mr. Maco has decided there is not enough evidence to justify putting everyone through a high-publicity criminal trial, sources said.

A psychiatrist at the Yale-New Haven psychiatric clinic, which was hired by the Connecticut police to evaluate Dylan, also described her as a dreamy child who "had difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality" -- which would undermine the child's credibility in a criminal case.

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