Faberge hopes to guide men back to Brut

September 23, 1993|By Scott Walton | Scott Walton,Knight-Ridder News Service

There's strength in numbers. Faberge is spending $10 million to re-launch Brut after-shave via its aggressive Men Are Back ad campaign. Not a penny was spent altering the fragrance's original formula, however.

"After interviewing over 2,500 consumers, we decided that the Brut fragrance didn't need to change," says spokesman William Ecker.

Brut's poll, conducted by Yankelovich and Partners Inc., indicates the time may be ripe for a Brut comeback, because men's attitudes have changed radically over the past two decades. The "New Mindset of Men in the '90s" survey found that:

* Sixty-three percent of the men polled defined masculinity as "being the provider."

* Fourteen percent said "being able to cry" defines a man.

* Seventy-six percent agreed with the statement "I long for the days when men were men . . ."

* Eighty-two percent said they'd rather dress in jeans and host a cookout than wear a suit and go out to dinner.

* Eighty percent named Clint Eastwood as their favorite role model.

Brut products, priced from $1.39 for the shave cream to $5.39 for spray cologne, are available at drug and discount stores.


Anything Doc Martens can do, Sears can do better. Or so it seams. In an effort to entice men to consider their DieHard work shoes and boots -- the look in fall footwear -- Sears is offering a one-year warranty on the two-ply, polyurethane soles. DieHard shoes ($70-$85) are replaceable free if the soles wear out from normal usage; conceivably, this would apply even to guys who drag their feet riding motorcycles. DieHard shoes and boots with worn-out soles can be returned, with proof of purchase, to any Sears store in the United States or Puerto Rico.

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