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September 22, 1993

Student charged with carrying BB gun at school

State police arrested a Westminster High student yesterday after school officials found he was carrying a BB pistol on school grounds.

The boy was arrested just before school dismissal at 2:30 p.m. and charged with carrying a weapon on school property, police said. He was released into his father's custody.

The gun was never fired and no one was hurt, police said.

"Appropriate disciplinary action is being taken," said Peter B. McDowell, director of secondary education for Carroll County schools.

Police said the boy told officials he had bought the gun from another student and hadn't had a chance to take it home yet.

A state police duty sergeant said projectiles fired from the type of gun the boy was carrying would not pierce skin, but could create a welt.

He said such a weapon is usually used for target practice.

Marker for fire victim to be dedicated

The City of Westminster will dedicate a marker Saturday to the memory of Carvin "Big Joe" Hanna, who lost his life in an apartment fire April 24, 1991.

The marker also will pay tribute to the four city police officers whose actions saved the lives of 14 other occupants of the 88 W. Main St. apartment.

They are Pfc. Michael Bible, Pfc. Eric Carroll, Cpl. David Hooper and Pfc. David Reifsnider.

Ceremonies are to be held at 2 p.m. at the site of the fire.

Mr. Hanna is being honored for his actions during the fire. Evidence indicates he delayed leaving the burning building in order to alert other residents over the hallway intercom.

His body was found in the hallway.

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