Biker's helmet Deborah Norville wanted to ditch "the...


September 21, 1993

Biker's helmet Deborah Norville wanted to ditch "the glamour-puss label I was stuck with" after the 1990 furor over her replacement of popular Jane Pauley as co-host of NBC's "Today" program.

Ms. Norville, 35, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the desire to change her image was one reason she joined CBS television's "Street Stories" program last year.

"Look at the rap on me when I left NBC: 'gorgeous; couldn't report her way out of a paper bag, a real bad attitude, a prima donna,' " she said.

Phillips surrenders purse to gunmen

Actress and former Mamas and Papas singer Michelle Phillips lost some cash, credit cards and identification to two gunmen Sunday in West Hollywood.

Ms. Phillips, 49, and a friend, Aloma Ichinose, had driven to a restaurant but found it closed. As they sat in their car in the parking lot, two men approached and one held a gun to Ms. Ichinose's head and demanded money. Ms. Phillips surrendered her purse and the men ran away, police said.

Caan questioned about man's death

Actor James Caan said a man found dead outside an apartment where he was staying apparently fell while trying to jump from a stairwell to the apartment's balcony. Mr. Caan was questioned for 10 hours Saturday by police about the death of Mark Schwartz, 25, of West Hollywood.

"It was just a horrible, bad luck thing and a terrible thing for a 25-year-old kid to die like that," he told a Fox News television reporter through a gateway intercom at his Bel-Air home.

Tailhook figure glad she talked

Navy Lt. Paula Coughlin says some men are angry that she is still in the Navy, and that makes her glad she came forward with accusations of sexual harassment by officers at the 1991 Tailhook convention in Las Vegas.

"Life for Paula Coughlin after going public is not a picnic," she said in Richmond, Va., over the weekend, where she was honored by the Virginia Press Women as Newsmaker of the Year.

Lieutenant Coughlin said she would consider leaving the Navy if she found a better job. But "until then, I'm in the Navy. And you know what? It makes a lot of men mad. If it makes them angry, it's worth it."

War deejay saw honor in Vietnam

The real-life model for Robin Williams' break-the-rules Air Force disc jockey in the film "Good Morning, Vietnam" says movies about the Vietnam war have given the public a false picture of the average recruit. Adrian Cronauer, now a communications lawyer, spoke over the weekend to veterans in Kokomo, Ind.

"I never met a single murderer. I never met a single rapist. I never met a single dope addict. I never met a single baby killer. I never met a single closet peacenik or any ne'er-do-wells.

"What I did meet were a lot of honorable men and women who may not have been too happy about where they found themselves, but who were bound and determined to do their duty as well and as professionally as they could."

Jackson visits Israeli hospital

Wearing an Israeli Navy uniform, U.S. pop superstar Michael Jackson visited children with cancer at a Tel Aviv hospital yesterday.

An estimated 60,000 people attended the performer's first concert in Israel Sunday.


Cartoon animator Chuck Jones is 81. Actor Larry Hagman is 62. Actor-comedian Henry Gibson is 58. CIA Director James R. Woolsey is 52. Author-comedian Fannie Flagg is 49. Former White House chief of staff Hamilton Jordan is 49. Author Stephen King is 46. Actor-comedian Bill Murray is 43.

SO:Compiled from wire reports by Steve McKerrow

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