Renaming school back to square one First selection already taken

September 21, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

Try again, folks.

People in the community get a second chance to rename the Carroll County Education Center, and submissions have to be at the school by Oct. 21.

The school improvement team had settled last spring on a new name, Morgan Run School.

But that name turns out to be taken, and the owners of the historic Morgan Run Schoolhouse in Shipley are not inclined to let the designation be borrowed.

In June, Ronald and Deborah Zepp asked the Carroll County Board of Education not to use "Morgan Run." Although the board already had approved the name a month earlier, members voted to put the change on hold.

In the meantime, Principal Robin Farinholt said, the school improvement team decided to start the search again.

The list of suggested names didn't have a good runner-up, she said.

Morgan Run was Mrs. Farinholt's submission, she said, so she's sad to see it go.

"I knew of the other Morgan Run School, which I thought was a neat thing," Mrs. Farinholt said. She believed the historical connection would add to the richness of the name.

But the Zepps would rather their Morgan Run Schoolhouse be the only one.

"We didn't want to lose the historical value of it by people getting confused about which Morgan Run Schoolhouse they're talking about," Mrs. Zepp said.

"It's real important that we make it distinctive," she said, partly because the school and the Zion United Methodist Church are the major landmarks of Shipley, which is about five miles south of Westminster.

The problem with most of the other names submitted is that they somehow had indicated special education, Mrs. Farinholt said.

The school is used for special education students whose needs cannot be met in other schools.

But she said the days of separate special education are waning, and no one knows what the building will be used for 10 or 20 years from now.

She and the school improvement team did not like the word "center" because it sounds like an institution, Mrs. Farinholt said. They want the facility to be called a school because children, teens and young adults learn there, she said.

They are looking for a name that has geographical or historical significance, Mrs. Farinholt said. The school board traditionally has avoided naming buildings after people, who can usually be more controversial than places.

The Zepps are puzzled about why school officials chose Morgan Run in the first place, because the school is nowhere near the namesake stream. Mrs. Farinholt said the school is in the Morgan Run basin. Unfortunately, another great historical name for the school is also taken.

The Education Center is on the former William Winchester estate, but that name already belongs to an elementary school in Westminster.

The brick Morgan Run Schoolhouse was built in 1897, Mr. Zepp said. It closed in 1941. The school board sold the building to Mr. Zepp's grandfather, who turned it into a house and sold it again.

The house eventually grew to include an enclosed porch, carport and other additions.

Mr. and Mrs. Zepp found the school on the market again in 1987, and bought it.

They renovated it and moved in a year later.

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