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September 21, 1993


* Westminster: Windows of two cars parked in The Greens of Westminster were broken Sunday, the owners reported to police. One car was parked on Ruby Drive and the other was on Wampler Lane. Damage to the cars was undetermined.

Two bicycles were stolen from a bicycle rack at Cranberry Mall on Sunday. The bikes, which were chained to the rack, are valued at $550.

A resident of Sunshine Way reported to state police that someone rode away on his 21-gear mountain bike on Saturday. The bicycle was parked on Hahn Road and is valued at $400.

A Denton Drive resident told state police that someone shattered the side windows of a 1989 motor home parked near his house Saturday night. The damage was estimated at $150.

An official of Hope's Domestic Service of Littlestown Pike told city police that someone broke into several company vehicles and stole property. Loss is estimated at $980.

The windshields of two cars were shattered when someone threw a rock at them Friday. One car was parked on Manchester Road and the other was parked less than a block away on Webster Street. Damage to both cars was estimated at $280.

Two tires were removed from a customer's car while the vehicle was parked on the lot of Becker's Body Shop. The loss, reported Friday, was estimated at $160.

A 1985 Ford Bronco was stolen from the Gehr parking lot at Liberty and Main streets on Friday. The owner was not immediately able to provide police with a value of the vehicle.

A resident of Avis Court told police that someone broke into his car while it was parked at Cranberry Mall and stole property valued at $290 on Saturday.


* Reese: Reese reponded to an auto fire on Hook Road at 8:23 a.m. Monday. Units were out for 45 minutes.

Reese and Westminster responded to a fire alarm on Baltimore Boulevard at 10:25 a.m. Monday. Units were out for 10 minutes.

* Westminster: Westminster responded for an auto fire on East Main Street at 11:13 a.m. Monday. Units were out for 35 minutes.

Engines from the Westminster fire station responded for a cleanup detail on Railroad Avenue at 12:01 p.m. Saturday. They were out for 36 minutes.

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