U.S. troops should not be in U.N. forceIn August, Clinton...

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September 20, 1993

U.S. troops should not be in U.N. force

In August, Clinton administration officials announced that the president was preparing to sign a controversial directive that would place some United States military forces under United Nations commanders. Under what is called Presidential Decision Directive 13, the top U.S. military commanders are to create a U.N. military staff, and the president is to commit some U.S. forces to expanded U.N. operations all around the world.

This planning is totally wrong and very dangerous for America. The president has no authority to place any U.S. military personnel under U.N. command or any other foreign command. Americans do not join our military to be the U.N.'s globo-cop serving under anyone who is not sworn to obey the U.S. Constitution.

For many years, there has existed a long-standing official program -- published in 1961 as State Department Document 7277 -- to turn over all American forces to the U.N. I see this latest Clinton move as another step toward 7277's final goal. I urge my fellow citizens to call for U.S. withdrawal from the world body.

Unfortunately, the policy of the U.S. -- confirmed on numerous occasions by high officials -- calls for gradually strengthening the U.N. with military forces "to a point where no state will have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. peace force."

When troops were sent to protect Kuwait, the Bush administration clearly stated that they were there purely for defensive purposes. Then that was changed and they fought a war for the New World Order.

When troops were sent to Somalia, the American people were told that they were there for purely humanitarian purposes. Now that's been changed; 4,000 are already serving under a U.N. commander, and several have been killed as the mission changed from humanitarian to political and military.

Now the president's advisers are telling the American people that he intends only to have some troops serve in some U.N. commands. If he were honest about what he's doing, he'd confirm that he's implementing the 32-year old sellout known as Document 7277. If he's not stopped, the U.N. will soon have our military under its wing, and American sovereignty will be gone.

Myles Stanley


No smoking at Fair

On Sept. 3, my children and I visited the Maryland State Fair in Timonium.

Although we had a wonderful time, I must comment about the workers operating the children's rides.

My kids went on six rides. On three of those rides, the workers had lit cigarettes dangling from their mouths while lifting the children on and off the rides. Very easily the children could have gotten burned from the lit cigarettes.

Management should have the workers refrain from smoking while operating the rides.

Vicki Kraus


Street talk

European governments are responding to popular pressure and trying to close the immigration door. The Evening Sun bemoans, "Closing Europe's Doors Will Have a Cost."

I'd like to write a letter to the editor explaining why open doors will have a much higher cost, but I don't dare.

Like so many issues these days, there is only one politically correct position on immigration.

Any departure, no matter how moderate and carefully worded, could be dangerous to those who work in a "liberal" ambiance. For that reason views similar to mine are expressed more often in the street than in editorial pages.

Ralph M. Ruark


Green valley

While I realize it's sour grapes on the part of John Erickson (Forum, Sept. 9) when he complains so bitterly about Green Spring Valley staying green, I would remind him that it's really the Good Lord who keeps it green. And we should be grateful for it.

Mr. Erickson's failure to get approval for his retirement community there may be the reason for his pique, but there are countless citizens who live in the valley who don't own huge estates. They still appreciate the beauty of the valley. Thousands more who don't live anywhere near it are thankful too for the beauty of Green Spring Valley. It has been a blessing to young and old, rich and poor, black and white.

Arguments about tax exemptions have been going on for years. But there are many good reasons why some of these exemptions have proven beneficial. So while we can ask that all such exemptions be reviewed periodically, to make believe that blanket removal would be best is shortsighted.

The one question I do have about Green Spring Valley is who butchered the trees along Green Spring Valley Road off Falls Road? Those responsible for the destruction there must have some ax to grind, much as John Erickson did in his polemic.

Frederick J. Hanna


Driving laws

When is the Motor Vehicle Administration going to get on the ball?

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