Odenton YABA enjoying a strong start


September 19, 1993|By DON VITEK

The Young America Bowling Alliance Saturday morning leagues are in action.

And nowhere will the action be hotter than on the lanes at Bowl America Odenton. The young bowlers are rolling at a record-setting pace.

"There are over 120 youth bowlers signed up," Charley Thompson said. "Opening day we had Joe Castricone entertain with his magic show, and that was just great. And we're fortunate to have the parents become deeply involved with the YABA here at Bowl America."

Thompson, a coach in the YABA for 10 years and a board member for two years, knows how important it is to have parents take an interest in the youth program.

Thompson is the mother of Becky and Warren Thompson. Becky is a young bowler who posted some impressive figures last year in the YABA, and Warren started the new season with a superb series.

Becky finished in the top 10 nationwide in two categories as a Bantam bowler. Her 216 game won fifth place in the girls individual game division, and her 384 series was good for third place in the girls individual series.

Becky, 9, is a fifth-grader at Arthur Slade Elementary School and lives in Crownsville with her parents, Charley and Kenny. Bowling since she was 6 years old, Becky has just traded in her 10-pound Snoopy ball for a new 12-pound Bobcat. Owner of a 133 average last season, Becky has definite ideas about this season.

"This year I'll be bowling as a Prep," she said, "And I'd like to have my average go up to about 140. I think I can do it because I'm pretty good at sports."

She's active in baseball and basketball as well as tenpins.

Warren Thompson is a senior at Old Mill High School, and last year he averaged 170.

The 17-year-old works part time at Bowl America Odenton and said, "I'm not really interested in other sports. Bowling is what I like."

His career high set is 660, his high game 258, but on opening day last week, he pounded out games of 231, 200 and 216 for solid 647 series.

"I'm hoping that I can get my average up to 190, or even 200, this year," he said. "I think that if I can keep focused I can do it."

Right now that average is a whopping 215.

David Stalling, 12, lives in Gambrills with his parents, Nancy and Jim. The seventh-grader at Arundel Middle School has been bowling for "four or five years."

Last season he carried a 154 average; at the moment that average is 173. That's because on the opening day of the new season he fired games of 142, 148 and a superb 231 for a 521 series.

The 231 is a career high; his 562 from last year is his high set.

Youth travel league

The Anne Arundel Youth Travel league, now 3 years old, will be traveling to Crofton, Annapolis Bowl, Fort Meade, Fair Lanes Ritchie, Bowl America Odenton, Greenway Odenton and Bowl America Glen Burnie. The league starts today, and the four-game format is $8 per bowler.

If you'd like to bowl in the travel league, contact secretary Charley Thompson or treasurer Gretchen Smith at Bowl America Odenton. Chuck Shaw is president, and Robin Wong is vice president.

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