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September 19, 1993

TERRY STEVENSON of Arnold volunteers with Mom and Me, a county Life Enrichment Program in which parents and their children visit nursing home residents.

Organization's comments: The visitation program began about 4 years ago, said the program's director, Karen Martin. "We thought, 'People love to see babies, no one can resist a baby.' The nursing home residents enjoy it so much, holding and seeing the children."

Volunteer's comment: "I was with Pets on Wheels until I had my baby," Mrs. Stevenson said. "When she was 3 months old, I switched to Mom and Me, taking my daughter, Kimberly, with me to Chesapeake Manor Nursing Home, where I visit each week for at least an hour.

"The nursing home patients seem to really relate to the kids. . . . When they see the children they just light up.

"One of the women there we call Miss Mary we've been seeing for the four years I've been in the program," Mrs. Stevenson said. "As we get ready to go, my daughter always asks,'Are we going to see Miss Mary now?'

"I also take the children that I take care of through the week with my child care service. . . . The youngest child that I take now is only 5 months old. It's good to start them young, dealing with the elderly people. One of the children's great-grandmothers is at Chesapeake.

"It's a great program, it's something that really helps the older people. They love to see the children."

About the volunteer: Mrs. Stevenson, formerly of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has been a county resident for nine years. She also volunteers as the coordinator of Services for the Aging at her church, College Parkway Baptist, where she's been a member for five years.

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