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September 19, 1993

Not All Charges Are True

Carl Hackman's letter (Sept. 12, 1993) compels me to write commmending him on his support of Harry Lentz. Too few individuals are willing to stand up and be counted in support of "non-sensational" views. I have lost faith in our legal system, having been the victim of large corporation whose apparent philosophy is also "guilty until proven innocent.` As with Mr. Lentz, my reputation may also have been damaged beyond repair.

I can speak from personal experience after being abruptly fired after 32 years with a company on the basis of false and unsubstantiated charges by a recently hired woman employee. No evidence was presented nor was I allowed to rebut the false accustions. The compnay made no effort to investigate the credibility of the charges against a long term employee, but simply accepted the statement of the accuser. Since the two of us were in separate departments with similar classification there was not even the remotest possibility that either one of us could influence the promotions or raises of the other employee.

This experience has shaken my faith not only in the legal system but also in the ethics of companies tht permit such occurrences. . . .

Herbert S. Harris, Jr.


Dunking Booth

The Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company would like to reply to Russell C. Wentworth's letter of Aug. 8. The company was founded in 1931 to protect and serve the community of Riviera Beach and the surrounding areas. We are in the business of helping, not destroying, lives. Blatant racism has never been nor will it be part of the Riviera Beach Fire Company.

We understand and are truly sorry for the anger Mr. Wentworth and others felt over the dunking booth incident. The "disclaimer" was posted as a general courtesy to our carnival patrons who may not like the slight prodding of the staff in the booth, as occurs at most carnivals. However, the bounds of good taste were crossed this year. Rest assured that the company has already taken action against those who were involved so that this will never happen again.

Once again, please accept our apologies for this incident. We thank Mr. Wentworth for bringing this to our attention. We also invite anyone with complaints, compliments or concerns to contact the company's chief or president. The number is 437-6054.

H. David Duty

Riviera Beach

The writer is public information officer for the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company.

North County Visit

It is with great pride, that I took the tour of the new North County High School on Sept. 9.

As a member of the North County Parent Coalition, it is only fair that all those people who came together in the spring and fall of 1988 to get their day in the sun.

The following parent/friends are from the Brooklyn Park/Lindale feeder system and attended those meetings: Beth Francazi and Sharon Whitmore, co-chairpersons; Gail Ebersole; Bonnie Sears; Ellen Blizad; Carol Murphy; Martin and Melanie Carter; Rosemary Shomler; Rosalie and Chas Burcaw; Rose and Rich Bernhardt; Berlie Henderson; Mary Stewart; Jean Rae; Linda Burket; Lyn Lambert; Woody Bowen; Don and Bonnie Bender; Pat Combs; Ruth Jordan; Joan Cadden; Randy Mitchell; Brenda Bloomquist; Sue Jones; Evelyn Rich; Sheila Fruh; Karen Birx; Nancy Holye; Beth Nowell; Carol Schuster; Amanda Atwell; Vickie Siglein; Jane Barss and myself.

I will always remember that I was part of this group of people. While we started this effort, there were countless others who supported the efforts to achieve `program equity` in North County. The job will only be completed when Brooklyn Park is renovated as a middle school.

Dominick Morea

North Linthicum

Stream Clean-Up

I was pleased to see The Sun's Aug. 10 article about Jessica Snowden and her commitment to cleaning up a stream near her Crofton home. Individual contributions by young people like Jessica are an important part of efforts to protect and restore our environment.

A Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) representative visited the stream with Jessica and her father earlier this summer. Our inspector noted the presence of trash and debris in the stream and explained that the stream discoloration . . . was the result of naturally occurring algae and iron bacteria. This action started the ball rolling toward a Save Our Streams-sponsored community clean-up last month.

MDE is glad to have played a role in this environmental success story, and we encourage people to report suspected water pollution problems by calling 631-3409 (days) or 974-3551 (nights and weekends).

Individuals, environmental groups and all levels of government can work together to solve environmental problems. . . .

David A. C. Carroll


The writer is secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Hoyer's Visit

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