Bullets get a close-up of 7-7 pick Muresan's workout encourages club PRO BASKETBALL

September 18, 1993|By Jerry Bembry | Jerry Bembry,Staff Writer

Gheorghe Muresan, a 7-foot-7 Washington Bullets project, got his first workout in front of club officials yesterday, and the early returns on his skills were encouraging.

Bullets general manager John Nash said he was impressed overall with the team's second-round draft pick who worked out at Bowie State in a one-hour session that was closed to the media. Afterward, the 22-year-old rookie from Romania played three-on-three with some of his future teammates.

"He's got a real good touch. He shoots the ball well up to 15 feet, and he makes his free throws, which is a plus for a big man," Nash said. "He passes the ball better than I figured. Offensively, he was impressive."

The workout began with Bullets coach Wes Unseld putting Muresan, who has signed a $150,000 non-guaranteed contract, through the normal routine given to prospects.

"There were some shooting drills, rebounding drills and Wes was checking his footwork," Nash said. "Some of our players were there, and they were as curious to see him as we were."

Afterward, Kevin Duckworth, Michael Adams, Doug Overton, LaBradford Smith and Brent Price (Larry Stewart, recovering from foot surgery, also was there) joined Muresan for three-on-three games.

"I was a bit surprised," Price said. "He has a real good touch for his size. He has the ability to put the shot up nicely, and he has some good moves. The main concern is whether he can play defense and how well he gets up and down the court. We played half-court and some full-court, and he's a little slow. But he hasn't done a lot of running lately."

Muresan will work out in another closed session today and take tomorrow off. He'll have a physical Monday, after which he'll continue working out until the start of training camp Oct. 5.

"He'll get some weightlifting, aerobic conditioning and work on the treadmill," Nash said. "We'll have him working out every day before the start of camp."

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