Hoiles still boils at Clemens

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September 18, 1993|By Peter Schmuck | Peter Schmuck,Staff Writer

MILWAUKEE -- Catcher Chris Hoiles didn't get hurt Wednesday night in Boston, but he's still a little sore at Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens for hitting him on the left arm with a pitch in the second inning.

Clemens plunked Hoiles with a runner at third and nobody out, perhaps because the Orioles catcher had homered in each of the first two games of the series. Hoiles glared out at the mound, but walked slowly to first base.

"I thought it was intentional," said Hoiles, who reached base nine times in 13 plate appearances during the Red Sox series. "I had hit the ball well the two days before. I thought it was a payback and I don't like that. I'm not saying that a pitcher can't pitch inside, but inside and further inside are two different things."

Hoiles is particularly sensitive to that kind of thing, for obvious reasons. He missed nearly half of last season with a broken wrist after he was hit by a pitch from then-New York Yankees pitcher Tim Leary.

In that case, it was an alleged scuffball that got away. This time, Hoiles seemed sure that it was no accident.

"That makes you mad, especially when you know it's intentional," he said. "What if that ball had hit me in the face or the head and I'm out for a few games? He can keep going out there every five days and I've got to sit."

Hoiles obviously was tempted to go out to the mound to discuss the situation, but decided against it at this point in the pennant race.

"He didn't hurt me, so it would have been stupid to go out there and do something foolish over one pitch," Hoiles said. "That's not going to do me or the team any good."

Side bet

Brewers manager Phil Garner had his mustache hanging on every pitch last night. He accepted a talk show challenge from a local Orioles fan and bet his trademark mustache on his team to get more than five hits off Ben McDonald.

Dave Markweise, who lives in the Milwaukee area, bet his own 10-year-old mustache on McDonald.

Markweise won the bet -- the Brewers got just three hits -- but Garner gained consolation in Milwaukee's 2-0 victory.

MVP at age 11?

The Orioles trotted out a secret weapon for Thursday's conference call coin toss to determine the sites and format of possible AL East playoffs. Eleven-year-old Teon White, a sixth-grader at Mount Royal Elementary School, made the correct calls and the club won the home-field advantage in the event of a tie with the Toronto Blue Jays or Yankees.

Call-ups arrive

Rochester Red Wings right-hander Mike Oquist and shortstop Manny Alexander joined the team yesterday, though it's unlikely either will get much playing time during the final two weeks of the season.

Alexander figures to be used as a late-inning defensive replacement for Cal Ripken and Oquist will work in long relief unless he is needed for a spot start.

TV games added

Home Team Sports has added Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night's games from Cleveland to its broadcast schedule. Tuesday's game also has been picked up by ESPN, so the starting time has been moved back to 7:35 p.m.

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