DNA used in murder trial Man charged with 2 deaths

September 18, 1993|By Glenn Small | Glenn Small,Staff Writer

LA PLATA -- Blood found on Charles Henry Emanuel's clothing is genetically identical to that of an 86-year-old woman he is accused of murdering in northern Baltimore County, an FBI expert testified yesterday in Charles County Circuit Court.

The blood of Clara Vickers, the murder victim, was compared with bloodstains on Mr. Emanuel's sweat shirt and, after a DNA comparison, found to be the same, said Special Agent Audrey Lynch.

Mr. Emanuel is on trial for the murder of Mrs. Vickers, a Booker, Texas, resident, the murder of Margaret Attwell, 70, the attempted murder of James Attwell, 73, and other charges. Mrs. Vickers was visiting the Attwells, who lived in the 21000 block of W. Liberty Road in White Hall.

On May 18, 1982, a man broke into the house, beat and stabbed Mr. Attwell and killed the two women. Mr. Attwell, who is deaf, was asleep when the man entered. The women were also deaf.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Mr. Emanuel, 31, formerly of Aberdeen, could face the death penalty.

Prosecutors ended their case yesterday, as did the defense, which called two witnesses.

Jerry W. Garrett, a truck driver, said he saw two people driving in the black-and-yellow Victory Cab Mr. Emanuel allegedly hijacked from a Harford County cab driver.

Mr. Garrett, of Parkton, said the cab drove by his house the day of the murder, but he couldn't identify the driver or the passenger.

Mr. Emanuel did not testify, but one of his attorneys, Jeffrey B. O'Toole, suggested outside the courtroom yesterday that bloodstains on his client's clothing could have gotten there from close contact with the real killer. He did not elaborate on how such an encounter might have happened.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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