Balkan Update

September 18, 1993

Muslim and Croat army chiefs agreed on a truce in southern and central Bosnia.An international mediator predicted all the warring factions would sign a peace pact Tuesday.

At least 100 U.N. trucks carrying food and medicine to stricken civilian communities in central and northern Bosnia were blockaded behind a barricade of mines laid by Croats on a bridge at VITEZ.

Rebellious Bosnian Serb soldiers lifted their seven-day blockade BANJA LUKA and took their tanks off the streets after the Bosnian Serb leadership met demands to crack down on war profiteers and for improved welfare conditions.

U.N. peacekeepers said the Croatian army systematically burned least 11 Serb villages before withdrawing this week under a cease-fire agreement in southern Croatia. A senior officer of the U.N. Protection Force said evidence suggested the existence of mass graves and said the planning involved indicated the operation was "ordered from a very high level."

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