China to ban sale of rhinoceros hornsBEIJING -- After U.S...


September 17, 1993|By From Reports

BEIJING — China to ban sale of rhinoceros horns

BEIJING -- After U.S. complaints, China said yesterday that it would ban the sale of medicine containing rhinoceros horns and tiger bones starting at the end of November and search for substitutes.

U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt said last week that Washington had decided to "certify" China and Taiwan for illegal trade in the products, which could lead to a U.S. ban on trade of wildlife products with the two countries.

The official People's Daily newspaper said that under the new regulations, approved at a meeting Wednesday, illegally imported or illegally exported rhino horns and tiger

bones would be seized and burned and violators punished.

1,500 Khmer Rouge defect to government


PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- More than 1,500 Khmer Rouge guerrillas have defected to the government army, which has begun "reintegrating" its old enemy in special centers, a United Nations spokesman said yesterday.

Eric Falt said U.N. peacekeepers could confirm that at least 1,500 Khmer Rouge guerrillas had crossed to the government within a month.

Hijackers protested rights abuses in Iran


GARDERMOEN, Norway -- Three men who hijacked a plane from Azerbaijan to Norway were Iranians protesting alleged human rights abuses in Iran, Norwegian police said yesterday.

Police will ask a court today that the three men, aged 20, 28 and 35, be held in custody for eight weeks.

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