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September 16, 1993

Mount Airy enacts law regulating temporary signs

The Mount Airy Town Council has unanimously adopted an ordinance regulating the use of temporary signs.

Under the ordinance approved Monday, the town's zoning administrator will be able to remove signs on public property 48 hours after notice has been given to the sign's owner. Previously the zoning administrator couldn't remove signs.

Generally, town officials have written or asked violators to remove signs. Sometimes they comply, sometimes they don't, officials said.

Council members have expressed concerns about the number of temporary signs in town. They've also noted that in some instances, signs have posed public nuisances by blocking sidewalks and forcing pedestrians to walk in the streets.

The ordinance says signs on private property can be removed by the zoning administrator if they are posted without a permit or are prohibited by town regulations.

Permits are required to post temporary signs -- such as those advertising homes for sale, political campaigns or merchants' sales promotions -- in town limits. Owners must pay $20 per side per sign, town officials said.

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