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September 16, 1993

Gambrills bar owners fined $100

The owners of a Gambrills bar have been fined $100 by the county liquor board because an employee refilled a whiskey bottle with the same brand.

Tom Riggin, the county liquor board chairman, said Crazy Otto's Sports Saloon, on Defense Highway, also received a three-day suspension of its liquor license, but that penalty was suspended for one year. If the bar remains out of trouble until September 1994, the suspension will be voided.

Crazy Otto's was cited in January after an agent with the state comptrollers office inspected the bar after receiving a complaint.

Agent Donald E. O'Shea Jr. said he found that a small amount of Johnny Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whiskey had been poured into another bottle of the same brand, most likely to preserve space on the shelf.

That, however, is illegal. Mr. Riggin said it would have been more serious had another brand been poured in, a trick usually done to fool customers into thinking they are getting a more expensive brand.

"We still didn't let them off the hook," said Mr. Riggin, who added that the lawyer representing the bar admitted that a mistake was made.

The saloon was cited for the same infraction in 1986 and fined $700 -- $50 for each of the 14 bottles that agents found had been refilled, according to liquor board records.

Dog bites suspect, police make arrest

A 36-year-old Glen Burnie man who tried to elude county police by ducking behind a tree in woods in Severn Monday night was sniffed out by Gouch, the police dog, who bit him on the buttocks, officers said yesterday.

Officers rescued Elmer Bryant Dotson, of the 500 block of West Court, then arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct, failing to obey officers and traffic violations.

Police said they tried to stop the driver of a Mercedes Benz for traffic violations shortly before midnight on Donaldson Avenue, but the driver kept going and turned onto Hubbard Lane.

The man drove into a front yard, got out of the car and ran into the woods.

Mr. Dotson was taken to Western District to be charged.

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