Pizzeria with plans to expand wins liquor license for sit-down restaurant

September 15, 1993|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

Brothers Pizza in the Westminster Shopping Center is looking to get all dressed up for Christmas.

Nunzio A. and Cynthia Como, owners of the 7-year-old pizza and sub shop, plan to expand their self-service shop to a full-service, sit-down restaurant by mid-December.

"Right now, we offer base service, where our customers order, pick up from the counter and do more for themselves," said Ms. Como told the Carroll County Liquor Board at a hearing yesterday. "I feel [that] for us to survive, we have to expand and offer more service."

The board granted the couple's request for a Class B beer, wine and liquor license, which will take effect when the expansion is complete. The county's 90-day waiting period to obtain the Class B license did not apply because Brothers is not a new restaurant.

The Comos' plans for the restaurant include taking over space formerly occupied by Scharon's Black Eagle stationery store, which closed this summer, and expanding to 3,800 square feet to seat about 110 people. Brothers currently seats 56 people in four-person booths.

"We do seem to need to expand and were waiting for something to happen," Mr. Como said. "On weekends, people leave because there is no place to sit down."

He said he and his wife were surprised that the 27-year-old

Scharon's store closed, but were happy to take the space.

Como said, "When people come in large groups, we can't accommodate them with the booths and we can't put the tables together. Most of our customers are families, and we're trying to accommodate all groups."

Mr. Como said the restaurant's new menu will feature pasta, salads, seafood and desserts, as well as the restaurant's signature pizza and subs. Entrees will be in the $5-to-$8 range, and beer and wine by the bottle will be available.

"They have the best pizza in Carroll County," Uniontown resident Rachelle Hurwitz testified in support of the Comos' liquor license. "I have been a patron since I bought a pizza there five years ago.

"This mall has had a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of absent storefronts," she added, "and they will be taking a storefront and making it a nice restaurant. This is what we want, to bring businesses to the county and encourage the ones we have here to grow."

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