County's recycling rate rises to 16% in August

September 15, 1993

Carroll's recycling rate climbed to 16 percent in August, up from 13 percent in July, county officials reported yesterday.

The county's overall recycling rate for the first eight months of 1993 was 20.3 percent, up from about 17 percent for the first six months, said Comptroller Eugene C. Curfman.

Mr. Curfman credited the high rate to the fact that yard waste is being composted, a form of recycling, instead of being buried with other refuse at Carroll landfills. He also said more businesses have been reporting their recycling efforts to the county.

Under state law, the county is suppose to recycle 15 percent of its waste by 1994.

Because the rate has fluctuated since curbside recycling began last summer, county officials have bandied about the idea of mandatory recycling. However, Mr. Curfman told commissioners the voluntary program may continue to work as long as the recycling rate remains above 15 percent in "off months," such as August.

Business recycling efforts are reported every three months, boosting rates in March, June, September and December. June's recycling rate was initially reported at 21 percent, but when business efforts were figured in, the rate increased to 34 percent.

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