List of things to see and do around town keeps growing


September 15, 1993|By JACQUES KELLY

Do you make lists of things to do? It seems that half my desk is filled with scraps of paper urging me to hurry up and accomplish something.

There's never enough time to tackle the inventory of odd tasks that have floated into my mind:

* Find out where Mary Sue Easter eggs are made.

* Spend time at the Great Blacks in Wax Museum on North Avenue.

* Tour Mount Olivet Cemetery on Frederick Avenue.

* Locate the mausoleum of John McGraw, the old New York Giants' manager and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, at New Cathedral Cemetery.

* Get to IKEA in White Marsh. If I make it, it'll be my first visit.

* Solve the riddle of why there are so many very-noisy crows in Baltimore this summer.

* Walk through Burdick Park in Northeast Baltimore.

* Read one Tom Clancy novel.

* Revisit Lake Roland before it gets re-filled with water during the dam's reconstruction.

* Spot that high-speed European train that AMTRAK is testing.

* Get to all the church sour-beef and dumpling suppers I can this fall.

* Sample every brand of scrapple sold in Baltimore and pick the best.

* Conduct a similar investigative gustatory tour of local soda fountains that offer ice-cream sodas.

* Have my old suit's pants let out after the preceding three exercises.

L * See why people are visiting and talking about Savage Mill.

* Obtain a guided tour of Bethlehem Steel's Sparrows Point plant. Like so many Baltimoreans, I've never been past the front gate.

* The same for Gibson Island.

* Find the time to watch the cast of characters pass through the coffee and cheese shop in the Broadway Market at Aliceanna and Broadway. The coffee isn't bad, either.

* Hunt for more lost tunnels under Federal Hill.

* Make a strictly nostalgic, last outing to Memorial Stadium.

* Find out what is under the pointy roof at the top of the Maryland National Bank Building.

* Shop heavily at the North Point flea market.

* Take the boat to Rock Hall.

* Travel the entire Rolling Road.

* Summon the courage to go rowing in the Patapsco's Middle Branch.

* Learn the secret ingredient in Goetze's caramel creams candy.

* Explore the Northern Central Bike Trail in Baltimore County.

* Ditto pieces of B&A Trail from Glen Burnie to the banks of Severn.

* Dine at all the Fell's Point restaurants people are talking about.

* Restrain myself and buy only one loaf of raisin bread at the New System Bakery in Hampden.

* Tour Annapolis -- after the tourists have left for the summer.

* Do not fail to visit Dickeyville and Roland Park, as well as the Herring Run and the Stony Run valleys, at the peak of fall foliage color.

* Walk to Fort McHenry using the present, heavily detoured route through the Locust Point marine terminals.

* Drop by Druid Hill Park to see how all the restored Victorian pavilions turned out following a summer's worth of work.

And the list goes on . . .

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