What do you think? SUNDIAL

September 13, 1993

The Baltimore Sun is considering changes in its weather map and wants to know that you think.

Above is our current weather map. to the right is a model for our new map. The new map has color and a visual depiction of an hour by-hour, daily forecast at the top. we have also expanded our Eastern Shore forecast, color-coded the temperatures on the U.S. map and addd a chart of the previous day's weather in Baltimore.

Much of the information from the old map is still on the new one. In some cases, we've simply provided the information graphically. But w are proposing to eliminate some information, such as wet-and dry-bulb readings.

We'd like to hear your opinion about the new map. To respond, call SUNDIAL,the newspaper's telephone information service, at 783-1800 (268-7736 in Anne Arundel County). When the service answers, punch in the four-digit code 4032. You'll need a Touch-Tone phone to participate, and you'll need this page in front of you to respond to the questions.

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