Are you a social criminal? Give us a call

September 13, 1993

Calling all card-carrying members of the politically incorrect. We want to talk to you.

You're tired of politicians, actors, athletes, rock stars and the media telling you what to think, wear, eat and drive. Something inside of you has snapped, and an inner voice says "No, I won't do what I'm told."

It's also saying:

This is my life and it's my business.

I drive a gas-guzzling car.

I eat red meat.

I smoke cigarettes -- in public!

I wear fur.

I have a Confederate flag.

I won't recycle.

I buy the National Enquirer and watch "A Current Affair," thank you very much.

I open doors for women and don't call them Ms.

And I don't get "Seinfield."

If you are guilty of these or other heinous social crimes, we'll consider you for admission into our Gallery of the Politically Incorrect. The stories of the gallery inductees will be published in an upcoming Today section.

To apply, call SUNDIAL at 783-1800 (or 268-7736 in Anne Arundel County). It's a local call. After you hear the greeting, enter code 4410 on your touch-tone phone.

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