Riviera Bowl adds horseshoe pitcher Fair Lanes Southdale hires a guest host


September 12, 1993|By DON VITEK

Anne Arundel County bowlers will find some new faces this season -- one at a duckpin center and one at a tenpin center.

Jene Durham of Brooklyn started working at the control counter at Riviera Bowl last month, and he'll be at the center every Saturday and Sunday.

Durham has been bowling duckpins for almost half a century. Bowling duckpins, that is, when he wasn't pitching horseshoes.

"I was a lot better at horseshoes than I was at duckpins," he said.

In 1951 he was amateur Maryland champion, and in 1961 he was Maryland professional champion. "I played and beat some national champions," he said.

Bowling in two leagues last year, Tuesday at Riviera Bowl and subbing at Fair Lanes Southwest, Durham carried a 123 average. His career high game and set are 201 and 501, respectively, magic numbers for duckpin bowlers.

This year you won't see him on the lanes.

"I just happened to step wrong and popped my knee again," Durham said. "It's my sliding knee, and I've had two operations and two scopes on it already. One doctor called it a 'bowler's knee' and this time I won't be able to throw a ball for a while."

At Fair Lanes Southdale, Paula Rinker has a great title -- guest host of league retention and development.

"I do just about what the title says," she said. "I retain and develop leagues. Basically I try to discover what problems the leagues have andthen solve them. I want the bowlers to come here to Southdale because they're happy bowling here and I'll do whatever it takes to keep them happy.

"I joined the Fair Lanes organization just three months ago, because it was a chance for me to use my education and my experience and to be close to bowling. I'm from a bowling family."

Born and reared in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, she's a Dundalk resident and a product of Patapsco Senior High. While in high school, she worked part time at Fair Lanes Dundalk for two years.

Attending Dundalk Community College allowed her to continue bowling while acquiring a degree in business administration.

"I bowled on the [Dundalk Community College] team for both years," Rinker said. "Last year I took the season off, but this year I'll be bowling here at Southdale in the Tuesday Silver Bullet Classic."

After graduating from DCC she attended Essex CC and obtained two more degrees in hotel and motel management and restaurant and nightclub management.

The next seven years she worked for the Sheraton and Marriott hotel chains in Baltimore and then for the Tremont Hotel as corporate sales manager.

Throwing a 15-pound Red Pearl Hammer ball, she averages in the 170s; her high game is 270, her high series 632.

New leagues at Southdale

There's still time to join new leagues at Fair Lanes Southdale.

Tomorrow, the Southdale Sexy Seniors league will begin at 10 a.m.

On Thursday, the Vacation Celebration league will start. Each team of two bowlers receives a four-day and three-night vacation. The league ends Dec. 23; starting time is 9 p.m.

Also on Thursday, preschoolers through age 6 can bumper bowl in Barney's Bumper Buddies league. The $3.75 cost includes two games of bowling, rental shoes, a slice of pizza and a soda. There'll be a viewing of a Barney video and Barney visits. Starting time is 12:30 p.m.

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