Of Westminster, along with a small...


September 12, 1993

FLORENCE KERSEY of Westminster, along with a small committee, organized the "Expeditions in the Arts" bus trip series sponsored by the Carroll County Arts Council. Ms. Kersey has organized the tours for 11 years.

This year's series began yesterday, with a tour to Ellis Island, N.Y. The tour also stopped at Soho art galleries and shops.

The tours have been expanded into a yearlong program that includes 10 trips to sites such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Easter show at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and the home of Pearl Buck in Bucks County, Pa.

Organization's comments: "She's extremely dynamic," said Hilary Pierce, executive director of the Carroll County Arts Council. "She has a very take-charge approach."

As a self-starter with extensive executive experience, Ms. Kersey is "an ideal volunteer," Ms. Pierce said. She said her understanding of the local community has been aided by Ms. Kersey's knowledge of Carroll County.

Ms. Kersey, a native New Yorker, shows touring visitors around with the confidence of someone showing her hometown to her friends, Ms. Pierce said.

She said Ms. Kersey helped attract and organize a core group of volunteers for the Arts Council and has done council paperwork when the organization was understaffed.

Volunteer's comments: "Our goal in planning bus trips is an outreach to provide exposure to the arts" for people who may not venture to distant cultural centers without the convenience and security of an organized trip, Ms. Kersey said. "It's a service that the Arts Council is trying to offer to the community."

People who take the tours include college students, retirees and members of local artists' and crafts' guilds, she said.

Ms. Kersey said she volunteers extensively because "I've loved living here" and helping is "a way of giving something back" to the community.

Volunteer's background: Ms. Kersey comes from a family of musicians and artists. Her husband, Dr. Robert Kersey, is president of the Arts Council. Both have been involved with the council since its inception in the 1960s, she said.

Ms. Kersey spent 10 years as executive secretary at Timber Ridge, a senior housing development. She estimates she wrote 2,500 letters while helping raise money for that project.

She is a substitute member of the Carroll County Board of Elections, and helps out with the Mistletoe Mart, a Christmas craft fair sponsored by her church, Ascension Episcopal.

Ms. Kersey has one daughter and one granddaughter.

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