25 Years Ago* Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge...


September 12, 1993

25 Years Ago

* Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Matthew S. Evans ruled that no referendum will be held in November on the phase out of slot machines. He ruled that a petition drive financed by gambling interests last spring came five years too late. -- The Sun, Sept. 5, 1968.

* The Anne Arundel County Council, by a unanimous vote, gave the county's police and firemen a 10 percent pay raise. The new salary proposal raises the base police and fire scale from a $6,074 to $7,758 range up to a $6,700 to $8,565 schedule. -- The Sun, Sept. 16, 1968.

* Anne Arundel County bought six garbage trucks and put out a call for 45 drivers and throwers as is it moved toward a deadline on pay increases demanded by two contractors serving 26,556 Central and North Arundel homes. The county must lease or buy another eight trucks to serve the routes. -- The Sun, Sept. 27, 1968.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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