From The Sun Sept. 12-18, 1843Sept. 12: We are pleased to...


September 12, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Sept. 12-18, 1843

Sept. 12: We are pleased to hear that Samuel Keirle, the little boy who was struck on the head on Saturday last on Pratt St., by a Negro drayman, is in a fair way of recovery. This should be a warning to boys to desist from the disgraceful practice of stoning and abusing Negroes in the street without cause.

Sept. 18: Now is the time for merchants and others to have their advertisements inserted. The city is full of strangers. Citizens of Baltimore awake and make hay.

From The Sun Sept. 12-18, 1893

Sept. 12: A fair and festival commenced last night at the town of Texas for the benefit of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The entertainment is held in the large hall connected with the church.

Sept. 14: Superintendent Wise visited female grammar school No. 2 yesterday to confer with the principals about plans for the cooking-school innovation which will be introduced this autumn.

Sept. 15: Cable car No. 2 of the Red line, bound east, swept Mr. Thomas B. Marshall and his buggy from the tracks in front of The Sun office yesterday.

From The Sun Sept. 12-18, 1943

Sept. 12: Senator Tydings today personally requested Admiral Emory S. Land, chairman of the Maritime Commission, to name one of the forthcoming Liberty ships soon to be constructed at Baltimore for the late Van Lear Black of Baltimore.

Sept. 14: Miss Ruth Beechener, 13, cast a speculative eye over the 28 pounds of 50-cent pieces on her living room table and asserted that her financial blitz on Southwest Baltimore had been done (1) for Room 9b-5, (2) the Gwynns Falls Junior High School and (3) the U.S. Treasury Department. Last night, Miss Beechener, who lives at 2302 Severn St., was taking a breather after selling $7,200 worth of war bonds in less than forty-eight hours.

Sept. 17: A service flag honoring twenty-eight former employes of the Belvedere carhouse of the Baltimore Transit Company will be raised at 2 p.m. Sunday at Belvedere and St. Charles avenues.

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