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September 10, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

Manchester Mayor Earl A.J. "Tim" Warehime Jr. was in error when he said Tuesday that council practice has been to appoint the runner-up in the most recent council election to fill a midterm vacancy.

None of the last five people appointed to fill midterm vacancies on the Manchester Town Council was a candidate in the general election preceding the appointment, town records show.

Mr. Warehime was runner-up in the 1987 mayoral race, the last election held before he was appointed mayor in November 1990 to replace Elmer C. Lippy Jr. when Mr. Lippy became a Carroll County Commissioner.

The mayor said recently that, "It has been a policy in the past," if not in recent cases, to appoint the runner-up to a vacancy.

However, council records dating to July 11, 1972 revealed no instances in which a first runner-up in a council election was appointed to the Manchester Town Council during the next term.

Some appointees did have previous council experience, or had previously run for election to the council.

The question of how Manchester fills council vacancies arose after Councilman Robert C. Kolodziejski announced his resignation Monday.

According to town law, a midterm council vacancy is filled by a vote of remaining council members.

The last five appointments to the Manchester Town Council were: Larry L. Gouker, appointed in February 1991 to replace David Warner; Charlotte B. Collett, appointed in December 1990 to replace Mr. Warehime when he became mayor; John A. Riley, appointed in September 1990 to replace Diane D. Maddox; John Etzel, appointed in August 1988 to replace Eugene Miller; and Walter Smith, appointed in December 1982 to replace Champ Zumbrun.

None of these appointees had been a candidate in the council election immediately preceding his or her appointment.

It is unclear who will be appointed to Mr. Kolodziejski's seat, but an appointment may be made as early as Tuesday at the council's next meeting.

One potential appointee could be Christopher D'Amario, the runner-up in the May 1993 election. Mr. D'Amario was a member of the town's ad-hoc committee on water and sewers, which was disbanded May 26 at the first meeting of the newly elected council.

Councilman John Riley said yesterday he has talked to one potential nominee for Mr. Kolodziejski's seat.

Mr. Riley refused to say who that person is, but said the person expressed interest in the job.

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