Clark: If Gibbs had stayed, deal was still possible PRO FOOTBALL

September 09, 1993|By Vito Stellino

ASHBURN, Va. -- Gary Clark said yesterday that he probably wouldn't have left the Washington Redskins if coach Joe Gibbs hadn't retired.

The wide receiver also suggested his poor relationship with general manager Charley Casserly contributed to his decision to sign with the Cardinals as a free agent for $2 million a year.

Clark, who'll play his second game for the Cardinals against the Redskins at RFK Stadium on Sunday, said, "If Joe [Gibbs] had stayed, everything would have probably worked out. I'd probably still be with the Redskins. We respected each other as far as football was concerned."

Of Casserly, he said, "Charley runs things differently than [Bobby] Beathard did. It works for Charley. It works out well for the Redskins, so I can't knock it."

He added, "When Joe left, I didn't know how much power they were going to give Richie [Petitbon]. I didn't know if Richie was going to run the whole show [or if] it was going to be more on Charley's shoulder. Me and Charley, we don't get along that well. Fact of life, I like Charley as a person, but as a management [person] we didn't get along that well."

Clark said he was upset when Casserly's opening offer was in the $1 million range, even though he was willing to come up from that.

"They tell you when you come into the league it's a big family thing, but it isn't a game anymore, it's a business," he said.

Casserly was attending a league meeting and wasn't available

for comment.

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