School workers sign contract with board Compromise pact includes 3% raise

September 09, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

The Carroll County school board and the Carroll Association of School Employees signed a contract yesterday, ending an impasse that began in April.

The agreement is similar to one proposed by an arbitrator, with one difference that board members and Superintendent R. Edward Shilling said would protect the interests of special education students.

Seniority had been the only criterion administrators used for involuntary transfers of assistants.

CASE had wanted it to stay that way, but the board sought to have seniority count only within categories, such as Chapter 1, Head Start, special education and regular education.

CASE members agreed to the board's compromise to create two categories, one for special education and one for all other programs. That would prevent the transfer of a special education assistant to fill a Head Start vacancy at another school, for example.

President Sharon Fischer declined to give details of the vote, but she said most of the 325 members voted, and the majority voted to accept the board's offer.

"I obviously have mixed emotions," Ms. Fischer said. "I think it was a mutually agreeable compromise."

Ms. Fischer told the board, "The important thing was, and is, that we started [the first day of school Tuesday] with a positive attitude for the new school year."

L The contract gives CASE members the same 3 percent salary in

crease, medical insurance coverage and language on dismissals that the board negotiated with other employee unions in April.

After the CASE negotiations in March and April ended in an impasse, the board and the union hired arbitrator Seymour Strongin of Chevy Chase and met with him in June.

CASE represents teaching assistants, clerks, licensed practical nurses and health assistants.

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