Overhead lights due at Kuethe intersection GLEN BURNIE

September 09, 1993

The State Highway Administration will not install a traffic light at the intersection of Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard and Kuethe Drive, but plans to add overhead street lighting, after a summer study of the intersection near Glen Burnie High School.

The overhead lights are to be installed by the end of the year to illuminate the area and help motorists see cars and pedestrians. Several people in the community, including two state senators, had requested a traffic study of the intersection due to accidents there.

"We want to encourage them [drivers] to be as careful as possible," said Valerie Burnette, SHA spokeswoman.

Three years ago, flashing yellow caution lights were added on the side of eastbound Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard just west of Kuethe Drive.

Accident studies over recent years showed 11 accidents there in 1987. There six in 1992, not what SHA engineers considered an unusually high number of accidents, Ms. Burnette said. A traffic count on Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard at Kuethe Drive showed vehicles on the main road between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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