Crying ShameI congratulate Daniel Berger for his Aug. 23...


September 09, 1993

Crying Shame

I congratulate Daniel Berger for his Aug. 23 column questioning the soundness of the plan to let city parks grow wild.

I would like to bring up a more basic concern -- the original purpose behind public parks. Parks are spaces designed by people, intended for recreational use by people.

Although I don't question their value, wildlife refuges serve an entirely distinct purpose.

Allowing a park to overgrow like some vacant lot is an abandonment of its original purpose.

If the city's decision not to mow the grass in the parks is based on economic considerations, I wish that officials would simply come out and say so.

It appears that clouding the issue with environmentalist rhetoric is just an attempt to deter closer scrutiny of a plan Mr. Berger

justifiably calls a "crying shame."

Frank R. Cottingham


Gun Crazy

This letter will not attempt to solve or analyze the larger issue of Marilyn Geewax's article "The Decline of Civilization in America", given prominent space Aug. 25 in The Sun, since it contained her own admission of a lack of guts to deal head-on with today's youth.

I do, however, take exception as to who is really "crazy" concerning gun control. I, too, am saddened and demoralized by the senseless and wanton killing occurring almost daily. But I am mostly saddened by the lack of anything done constructively to curb it.

The one incontrovertible fact about guns is that taking them from honest people will leave them only in the hands of criminals.

Could it be that one has to be "crazy" and a "zealot" to know that one doesn't want to live where a person with a gun knows that no one else has one? Could it that sane people think that even so much as one gun will be removed from the hands of a criminal?

If so, I prefer that variety of craziness to the alternative, espoused by someone who has already admitted to not having the fortitude to do what it takes to keep kids (or anyone else) from having a gun who shouldn't -- without taking them from people who should.

Admittedly, the answer to the problem is not a simple one. But the possession of guns by honest people may make it possible for civilization to survive long enough for legislatures and courts to get their acts together.

George H. Taylor


Negative Column

I was truly shocked and disappointed when I read the article about Fiola Blum Inc. in the Aug. 29 real estate section . . .

The article by Ellen James Martin made it sound like the office is in decline. Not true.

I have been an agent here since 1969. Business has never been better.

I wish the writer could have been here on the Sunday the article appeared. Many busy agents, lots of action. I myself wrote two contracts. This is only one of many negative columns Ms. Martin has written for your paper.

It was stated that most of our business comes from word of mouth referrals.

Not true. We get listings from every possible source; our market share is everywhere.

I've been told that Fiola Blum has been misquoted, and I am truly disgusted with all the negative innuendoes that appear all too often.

1% We are not an endangered species.

Essie Cole


Muslim Cleric

Your editorial "From Bombing to Conspiracy" (Aug. 28) is important for the Muslim community because it takes into consideration the apprehensions of the Muslim community, including the fear that the moves against Sheik Abdur-Rahman and other Muslims constitute "religious persecution" against Muslims who dare to speak out.

America was built on freedom of expression.

It is indeed a sad day for America that a man of God who is blind and diabetic and needs help to walk down the stairs is being brought to trial for his opposition to the despotic regime in vTC Egypt. Gone are the days when America was a haven for people running away from oppression and tyranny.

The major omission in your editorial concerns an essential ingredient to proper understanding of the struggle nourished by the teachings of Sheik Abdur-Rahman.

You did not tell your readers that the regime of Hosni Mubarak carries out systematic torture against its suspected opponents and has not spared women and children from its abuses.

Mubarak's police frequently attack Muslim places of worship. In one instance, reported by The Times of London, his police shot dead seven worshipers inside a mosque on mere suspicion.

The regime controls the Egyptian media. Mubarak has never faced free general elections.

Most Islamic opponents who were condemned to death or other sentences were tried by military courts. Justice in Egypt is a joke.

The idea of handing over Sheik Abdur-Rahman to the Mubarak regime for the sake of "justice" is nothing more than a macabre joke on the Muslim people in Egypt.

The Clinton administration has not taken the trouble to explain to the American public why it is supporting the Mubarak regime.

D8 I wonder if The Sun can come up with an explanation.

Kaukab Siddique


Effects of California's Proposition 174

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